Clinical Quality and Outcomes

Quality could mean different things to different people. But, for us at Vytalia Health Care, what is most paramount is the quality of clinical care given to each patient who is treated by us.

High-quality, evidence-based care (care that has been proven) saves more lives and less time in a neurotherapy center. Quality care also means safe care for patients. There is no side effect of treatment by neurotherapy. This involves continually and proactively looking at processes to improve safety and, in turn, quality.

Quality Neurotherapy
Methodical Planning
Effective Pain Relief

Why to choose Vytalia Health Care for Neurotherapy Treatment?

Systematic Approach

Our high standards are attributed to our systematic approach to care plan design based on the current condition and personalized needs of each individual patient. We believe that realistic mutually agreeable recovery goals are key for ensuing adherence of patients and their family.

By knowing the exact problem of the patient and improvement scope, strategic Neurotherapy plans are prepared and customised along the way to reap maximal benefits.

These goals and expectations are set by mutual agreement between the Neurotherapist, Expert and the patients keeping in mind what is best for them.

Round-the-clock services

Quality Neurotherapy services backed up with other rehabilitation Staff, Neurotherapy Expert and Nurses can ensure collaborative care and confidence to the patient and their family.

Effective Pain relief

Pain can be a stop point for implementing complete care plan. Multiple Pain management methods that are safe and proven to be effective are employed to help the patient minimize suffering and ensure best Neurotherapy to regain their highest possible functional independence and quality of life.

Diet And Nutrition

Diet Nutrition Plan

Right nutrition is a critical component of recovery. A nutritious and balanced diet and good food habits are essential to build required strength, immunity and healing to the body. 

Personalized Diet Plan
Promoting Recovery

Why Choose Vytalia Health Care for Nutrition Care?

Personalized Diet Plan

Our dietician and in-house kitchen will ensure a personalized diet plan based on your health needs. Ranging from NGT or PEG feeding to normal oral diet, our dietician will ensure that your appropriate nutrition requirements are taken. 


Our qualified dietician will counsel and educate all our residents and their family members, on all matters relating to diet such that even after they return homes you will be empowered to make better diet habits. 

Promoting Recovery

The diet plans are organized taking into account various physical factors of the patient such as their age, underlying medical conditions, impact of the recent affliction for which they were hospitalised. Once the assessment is done, an accommodative diet plan is suitably prepared, which upon being followed guarantees effective recovery in a safe and speedy manner.

Vytalia Health Care’ Diet and Nutrition Care Center

At Vytalia Health Care we are aware that diet plays a critical role in the promotion of health, and particularly in case of those recovering from a serious illness or trauma. Following a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet goes a long way in the speedy recovery and effectiveness of physical therapy to regain muscular function and bone strength, to facilitate the healing process, positive impact on the immune system and overall quality of life.

COVID-19 Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented devastating impact worldwide. Evidence on treatments and management strategies is emerging rapidly, but this has been difficult to examine systematically in a short space of time. Therefore, few guidelines have used formal evidence synthesis and GRADE approaches, particularly with relevance to low- and middle-income countries.

All the rules related to covid 19 are followed in our center. Our experts take good care and follow that there should not be any mistake due to which this epidemic spreads.

Patient Recovery Care

Recovery Care Procedure at Vytalia Health Care Designed and implemented by Neurotherapy Expert, multidisciplinary rehabilitation team. Vytalia Health Care Plan is a unique combination of a Protocol-Driven Approach delivered in a Home-Like Environment with Personalized Attention

Protocol-Driven Approach
Home-Like Environment
Personalized Attention
Care Plan Components

Each component of the care plan is implemented by respective specialists in a collaborative way to deliver quality nursing care, Neurotherapy, Personalized diet plans, emotional counselling, cognitive retraining etc. All the milestone achievements are celebrated, and any deviations are caught early by regular monitoring to make necessary changes.

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