Dr. Lajpat Rai Mehra's Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy is an alternative method of treatment; It has shown some very good results in the case of mentally retarded children. The main philosophy behind this science is that the flow of blood is specifically directed towards the vulnerable organs, leading to rejuvenation of the organ over time. Thus, it cures the disease without the recourse of drugs.

Relaxation/ Stress Management Sessions

The mind plays a major role in the transition of a patient to normal life that follows a life changing incident- to keep the mind strong and stable is to ensure steady and consistent recovery. Family and Care Giver training are thus provided to ensure family is better empowered to handle the care, both during the stay in inpatient rehabilitation care facility and also even after they are discharged to home.

Science of Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy treats the entire body/mind system in a holistic manner. Medicine uses the now established knowledge, that our body, like all other living beings in the universe, has vital energy to heal itself, without interference from outside sources. For this, chemicals or medicines are not needed from outside, because the body heals itself by making necessary hormones and chemicals. The philosophy behind neurotherapy involves activating or deactivating the organ(s) through pressure or massage on nerve channels to stimulate or suppress the blood, and other body fluids and nerve currents in order to restore balance and harmony to the body. can be restored. Helping the body regain its balance. Medicine does not focus on the symptoms of the disease but on the cause.

We want to promote this therapy to serve humanity in a better way, as this therapy can cure many diseases without any side effects and can improve the healthy personality of the person. There are various organs and glands in the human body that have specific functions to perform. Each releases certain amount of chemicals and hormones which take care of physical activities eg. Mouth secretes saliva which helps in digestion, intestines absorb nutrients from digested food etc.

When each of the organs/glands are functioning normally and releasing their secretions properly, the body or health is in balance. If these organs, glands do not function properly and their secretion is impaired (either increased or decreased) it causes disorder or disease. The human body contains clotting factors and anticoagulants. Heparin and plasmin are two major anticoagulants that remove clots in the blood. Plasmin and heparin are produced in the lung and liver (85%) and in each cell (15%). In pulmonary circulation, blood travels from the heart to the lungs for exchange of gases. Blood stays in the lungs for 0.02 seconds. And, during that time heparin and plasmin are released from the lungs into the blood and remove/clear all clots in the blood or any other part of the body. The same thing happens during portal circulation, where blood travels to the liver for detoxification. In this science about 80 points have been developed in our body which are pressed in such a way that the blood supply is directed towards the weaker parts of the body. No equipment is used during the treatment. The patient's body is pressed at certain points with the help of hands and feet for a certain amount of time. Patients get treatment without any pain. The patient is diagnosed after observing a healthy lifestyle and the chain of events that lead to the disease. However, ND does not lag behind modern techniques to diagnose the disease accurately. The diagnosis is made with the help of modern technology, but at the same time, the initial consultation involves taking a complete health history of the patient. If necessary, the patient is asked another series of questions. A visual analysis is done by examining the eyes, tongue colour, nails, skin, etc. Once oral and visual analysis is complete, further investigations include abdominal palpation, examining tender points. Focusing on these tender points, the doctor detects the malfunction of any organ(s). Based on these investigations, a final picture is drawn about the patient's condition with respect to the three biochemical forces; alkaline-acid-gas. And then the treatment of neurotherapy begins.

More about neurotherapy

Although neurotherapy is a boon for children with disabilities, yet it has been extremely helpful for many other ailments especially paralysis, joint pain, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, diabetes. No equipment is used during the treatment. The patient's body is pressed at certain points with the help of hands and feet for a certain amount of time. Patients get treatment without pain.

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